Our Advantages

By paying attention to supplier qualifications and reputation, Tan Distributor does not aim to collect as many suppliers in one database as possible, but only quality ones. The global entrepreneur has been dealt with a hit or miss list to select from for initial sample orders. Building your trade partnerships required visits to suppliers. With Tan Distributor, you have a trusted global trade partner.

Tan Distributor is a global platform which is built to meet the buyer’s needs.


  • Experienced US and EUROPE based team
  • Wide access to suppliers and over 20 years of experience in supplier screening globally
  • Supplier verification process that eliminates counterfeit risk
  • US and EUROPE based sample availability to expedite up-front processes
  • Secure payment platform
  • Search process based on supplier certifications
  • Every day low price you can rely on

Why Choose Us?

  • Buyer driven platform
  • US and EUROPE based operations
  • 24/7 customer service and quick turnaround
  • Extensive list of suppliers for your vertical
  • Team with 15 + years of experience